Book promo

The past few days I have participated in all sorts of challenges. In the background, however, a completely different challenge took place.

My book:”The decline of the sun can count on a good rise”is in the store. An online store, but still, he's here.

For me, this was the biggest writing challenge of the past year. A great process with a very proud author as a result.

Some of you have given me their email address, so you will receive a promotional email in your mailbox. For the rest: the link to my first book: (yes, you will be on the author page and now and then I will post an update there, but here you can also find an order button...)

Oh yes, such an advertising point always belongs: but wait there is more!

In this case: I would like to make you (Yoors readers, but also people who read this from outside) aware of the possibility of enjoying simple things.

Therefore, you can indicate in your reply below the text in which place you live. In that place too there is so much beauty to be found and I need inspiration for my next book. I'll visit one of those places now and then. Report the data under this blog. I'll come to you to take pictures and maybe your town or village will come with pictures in my next book. And when I'm there and you bought a book, I'll be happy to sign it for you. (Do you have to come on the day I'm there and at the place I describe).

This action money for a week, so if you give a reply after next Friday, I can't keep an eye on that. Next week I will post a new blog with the results.

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