"I'm a feeling wild. Maybe the most dangerous of all, because I've got a human brain to go along with the "wild" part."

"Everyone wants life. Everyone needs life.
So, it's better to give a chance to somebody because everyone deserves life."

No man's Land is an edge of your cliff thriller. It is one of the page-turner suspense thrillers, readers would come across. The narration story has been done by two distinct characters. They told their struggles, jeopardize the situation in compelling fashion with relentless pacing and hell loads of actions. Despite all the tensions triggered in the plot, the thought-provoking themes will allow people to question their consciousness about "how far military experiments should go?”

About 3 decades ago John Puller as a boy, his mother went missing without any trace. The profound investigation and searches have gone in vain, and after that, nobody heard about her. Now, after 30 years, the very first-time things are coming at their surface from the mud of the post.
Puller's father, John Sr., who is combating with dementia in a VA hospital. Now CID investigations are accusing his father of murdering his wife. But, nobody laid their hands on him because he was one of the decorated Army Officer. Aided by his brother Robert, an Air Force major, and Veronica Knox, who is one of the shadowy US intelligence officers. Puller begins the hunt that will storm him back into his past which is immensely unsettling.
Simultaneously, Paul Rodgers begins his venture after getting paroled from jail. Initially, he was an experimental rabbit who was transformed into a "super-soldier." His body was modulated up to that extent in which he wouldn't feel guilt over the killing and wouldn't feel or fear physical pain. He was just walking the killing machine.
In the regret of being turned into a monster, he was in the search of two brainy monsters who were responsible for his plight and he wants them to pay for his ruining his life and normal thought process.
Apart from riveting stories and ricocheting action Baldacci explains the pain of dementia, a brutal cult of human experiments, and conspiracy theories.

My Rate: *****/5

"He just needed someone to talk to about this who could see it from a side of life that had nothing to do with practicality and common sense."

No Man's Land-A Review