#bookreview “One second can be the difference life and death.”

As PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern doesn't need any introduction. But, what about its sequel? What's new she's brought in this part after 15 years?
It's been 7 years since Gerry died and 6 years since Holly received his last letter. She gracefully moved on. Now, she's working in her group and found her new love interest, Gabriel.
Yesterday Holly was jeopardized in her life with new things going around. But today's Holly is mature and positively carries new things.
But, one day she reluctantly shreds her feelings and his letters on Ciara's podcast. And which results in an opening of a new chapter in her life named PS, I love You club: a group of four terminally ill men and women who ask for her help in saying their goodbyes to their loved ones.
Initially, Holly steps back. She fears whether this initiative drags her back into the darkness of the first year of grief, and hindered the progress. But, the heart she made till now. But, the heart quenching stories of ailing club members, waken her feeling which questions her conscious that she's moving forward or backward.
Although Holly is helping these strangers, she is jeopardizing her relationships and finds that a new mission may be more challenging than she anticipated.
Ahern shows the stories of the club members, which are told with care and compassion. Each one of them put a great impact on Holly's emotional mindset. As the theme of death, illness, grief is heart aching, but the one will find the small silver of joys that this club brings.
By the final wrap-up, Ahern smashed out something very refreshing or you can say a kind of upcoming flashback. This feels something labored and saccharine towards the end.

“Death rips people apart, but it also has a way of sticking those left behind together.”

My Ratings: 4.5/5