Christmas is around the corner! Let's start the boosters early this year shall we? Tell me or show me what you're preparing to do this Christmas by uploading a post on Yoors.

Admission booster
This is an admission booster with milestones. That means that you first have to create your post and then I decide if you are participating or not. The rewards on this booster are quite high which is why I'm doing it this way! After I have approved your post, you can start sharing and recruiting your friends to vote on your post.

So do your best!

  1. Add the hashtag #christmas to your post
  2. I will make you VIP if your post stands out
  3. I will have to approve your post before you start earning.
  4. Follow the instructions available in the checklist
  5. The checklist automatically calculates you if you're missing something
  6. Earn €0,10 per heart you get on your post
  7. You can do this until the budget of €50 is finished
  8. (Optional) Sponsor my booster anytime by clicking the top-up button on this page

Are you ready to join? Click on the button 'Create new post' and let's get started.

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