Yoors Boosters: Earn extra Yoors Points with each vote

Now that you all are familiar with Yoors Pools, all of you have surely also encountered the concept of boosters, right? For the release of pools, we gave you boosters that increase with 10 YP with each vote. Not only so that you guys could find out what boosters are, but also for you to see why boosters are so important to motivate others.

Boosters are here to stimulate you and your friends to make more posts, thus better quality content each day. I have prepared a public booster for everyone on Yoors to trigger. Most of you have received a notification about this. Go to https://yoo.rs/boosters  to view this and all your  other active boosters. You can also find this page in your side-menu accessible from the top right under Boosters.

What is a booster?

Like the name says, boosting means that the boosted person receives something extra on top of what they already got. On Yoors it means an extra bundle of Yoors Points.

Boosters can also be stacked. That means that you will receive each and every single one of them on the vote. Like this picture lists, @Ben received  all his boosters: (10 + 100) extra Yoors Points on top of what he already got.


How do I trigger a booster?

Boosters are triggered when someone else presses the heart button on your post or comment. Yes you read it right, comments can also trigger boosters. If you wrote a good comment and you have active Boosters , you will receive extra YP when someone else loves your comment.

Hover over the vote and you will see how many boosters you received in total on that vote.

You can also view your booster's progress and claimed boosters by clicking on any booster that you received. This will open a modal showing you all you need to know about your booster.

How do I create a booster?

Click on the rocket icon to create a booster. We have included this icon on several places for your ease. Anyone can create boosters and you can send them to literally anyone: preferred Yoors Members , non-Yoors members, Everyone on Yoors or yourself.

1. Under a post

2. On the pool pageyoorstips

3. On someone's profile page


4. On your booster page


1. Fill in the person you want to boost. These can be multiple Yoors members, but you can also invite someone by typing down their emailaddress. Tip: You can also choose to boost everyone. Choose the 'Everyone' option at the top. That means that everyone on Yoors will be able to trigger this booster.

2. Fill in the maximum total amount that will be boosted. This will also be your total price

3. Fill in the amount you want the user to be rewarded with each heart. The example below will update so you can see how the sequence of the boosters will look like

4. Choose your preferred payment method. You can choose to pay with your YP wallet, Paypal or iDeal.

5. You can now choose to checkout by clicking 'Pay' or continue with step 6.


6. (Optional) Click on advanced options and spice up your booster with conditions.

7. Add a pool. If you want to add a condition that it is required that the posts or comments are inside a pool

8. Add expiry date, if you want to stimulate others to claim the booster quicker.

9. Add an effect if you want the booster to behave on a different way. As we know the boosters for the pool, grow with each vote. You can do the same thing with your own booster.

Disclaimer: Yoors Boosters is still being tested. Saw a bug? Click on Submit a bug report in the side menu on the right. Please only submit bug reports. Other questions can be asked through contact details listed in https://yoo.rs/contact . Thanks for using Yoors and till the next time #yoorstips , #yoorsnews