BP has known the truth about climate change for 30 years.

A rediscovered documentary shows that oil company BP has been aware of the harmful climate effects of fossil fuel consumption for at least 30 years. Despite this, the company continued to deny that something was going on for many years. How now?

In May 1997, BP CEO John Browne publicly endorsed the new views on climate change by making a famous speech.

But a forgotten documentary, made by the oil giant, shows that BP had been aware of the causes and consequences of global warming since 1990. So that's seven years before Browne's speech.

In the documentary, BP explains how the greenhouse effect works, and tells that the combustion of fossil fuels contributes to warming up the climate. The film also shows various 'devastating consequences' of such a warmed climate.

The film may have far-reaching consequences for climate lawsuits against BP. The oil company knew about the threat of climate change, but trivialized these threats. The company is still opposed to emission reduction regulations.

By publicly standing itself as a supporter in the fight against climate change, BP tries to maintain the social support for its operations. But most of the profits still come from fossil fuels. The conclusion of this analysis: it is time to ban advertising by the fossil industry.

Not only BP but also Shell released a disturbing climate film in 1991.

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