Broken and Perfect Shell

Vulnerability is strength, but it seems broken in pain.
Take a breath to realize, there are one or more towers going down
Right now as these words flow. And You breathe.
Let worries and fears become snow.

How snow can be on a sunny beach?

As you command your mind just to breathe golden green,
watch your snow from within and say “thank you for being here with me”.
Look for the shadows playing on the white surface. Call upon the Sun to melt it down and release it back to the sea, back to the circle, as it should be.

Now, still, breathe and feel vulnerability revealed as the snow is gone,
who you are and so much more
knowing there’s such beauty and power once you feel that broken shell is not broken at all — It’s just imperfect part of a perfect one,
completing the picture, as it should :D

How do you feel now as the sun warms you up?
Still breathing green, please let beautiful You heal.

#poetry #meditation #inspiration

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