El Cepillao


Maracaibo became the first city with electric light. [Air conditioner vendors like this] Frost fridges arrived and children scraped ice, ate it to survive the hellish heat. After that eventually came the cart selling “El clasico brush'o”, which we still eat everywhere to kill “the heat”. The rich flavored brushings with or without condensed milk. Which consist of scraping the ice place in a glass and adding the (scraping, slush or snow ball) is a soda made from very finely crushed ice, to which syrup (soft syrup) of various fruits and flavors is added. Cola, Lemon, Pineapple, Parchita, Mint, Tamarind Refreshing Flavors

In the Zulia it is a very popular soft drink that is sold in traveling cars and there are even a large number of commercial premises specializing in “brush”.
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Gaita guaco brush