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For B. van E. about Schwaab's theory :  there is no I .

For B. van E. about Schwaab's theory : there is no "I ".

You said there is no "i" 

You said there is no reason 

there is not a will of its own

but it emerges from chemistry

the law of attractionis a mere call in the dark

you said

burry belief in a shallow grave

but most people then do if it ís true

then we all are coffins 

that move randomly

into a given space or time

our blood and bones

could as well be cold and rigid

as our hearts should stop to pound

there is no reason why we would

only to dig our graves deeper each day

whilst we fall and fall away

this is maybe what time méans

Then no guilt would become us

nore any pain or salted tears

grief would not be in its place

neither would be joyce or fears

We would not cry when loved ones die

or celebrate a new born's life

for we are vessels of chemistry

we might as well be blind than see

even though breathing comes naturally

it now seems the hardest thing to do 

to me.

For every take my lungs do make

i knowif there is no belief, 

love cannot be.

Max Trans LGBTQ
Mooi... ben der even stil van
08-02-2017 06:18
08-02-2017 06:18 • Reageer
Bijzonder mooi verwoord! Time is an illusion, modern science an intrusion.
08-02-2017 05:06
08-02-2017 05:06 • Reageer