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A Short LinkedIn Story

A Short LinkedIn Story

“Dear Miss Stone,

We interviewed a number of candidates for the position and we have determined that another candidate is the most qualified for the requirements of our opening. This letter is to let you know that you have not been selected for the position.

Thank you for taking the time to come to Carrie’s to meet our interview team. The team enjoyed meeting you.

We wish you success with your job search in the future. Thank you for your interest in our organization.


Hank Frank, Carrie’s founder.

‘Damn,’ the 24-year-old girl sighs, as she puts a streak of black hair behind her ear. She closes her pink laptop and rolls on the chair with wheels to the fridge, which is only five meters away. She’s been looking for a job for at least one year, but it’s just so hard to find a job these days. Yeah sure, she has a job in a supermarket, but that’s not her. The girl is trying to think of a solution as she’s taking a sip of her Diet Coke bin. She bows down to stroke her little pug. Her only man in her life. Unfortunately. ‘What do you have there, little Connor?’ Liz asks as she notices the newspaper under his body. She sees a picture of white earplugs with a pear in the middle on the cover page: Pearplug:a marketing and branding company.

Liz doesn’t know why, but she cannot keep her eyes of the image. She has to work there. ‘One second Connor,’ she says as she walks to her laptop. ‘I have to check it out. I have to work here’. Connor barks once, encouraging her. She opens her pink laptop and immediately goes to Google. Ah, LinkedIn. Liz actually never understood the value of it, but decides to try it anyway. She has been a cashier for way too long now.

One new e-mail in her inbox from James, the guy from Pearplug. Damn, that’s fast! She should have used LinkedIn before. Okay, let’s open it: ‘Thanks, but we’re not having any openings at the moment’. Great. Awesome. Maybe she’ll be a cashier forever after all.

Liz immediately goes back to LinkedIn. She is graduated, it cannot be that hard to get a job. She wonders if her handsome neighbour Derek has a LinkedIn page. Of course he does. And a hot photo. She quickly scrolls through his page and sees a connection with James. Yes, the James from Pearplug. She mails him to ask if he could maybe do something for her. She closes her laptop and goes straight to bed.

The warmth of the reflected sunbeams makes Liz wake up with a big smile. The birds were singing ‘Good morning,’ to her as Connor licks her face. ‘Good morning,’ she says.

Liz opens her laptop as Connor keeps asking attention. ‘Yeah, just wait’ Liz says. It probably won’t turn out that great, but she can always take a look. One new e-mail. From James! Liz hesitates. Does she want bad news so early in the morning? Well yeah, why not. She opens the e-mail. What..? ‘Dear Miss Stone. You were recommended for an opening we have and saw your LinkedIn profile’- wait.. Derek? She has been really lucky. LinkedIn has been a great help- it even helped her to get in touch with a handsome man.