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A Typical Job Interview

A Typical Job Interview

Jake is taking another look in the mirror. He sees a confident, black-haired boy with piercing blue eyes. You wouldn’t say he’s only 21- probably because the suit he’s wearing. It’s his third job interview in one week already and none of them went good enough to get the job. Okay, it’s all or nothing.

The first thing he notices are the long, tanned legs. Are skirts this short even allowed? Focus on the eyes, Jake. ‘Good afternoon. I’m Christine,’ Jake shakes her hand. ‘Jake,’ he says. ’So, tell me Jake. Why do you think you belong here?’ Christine asks. Jake is too distracted by her big, full, red lips and blue, almond shaped eyes. Her long, ginger hair was dancing as she cocks her head. ‘Eh, could you repeat the question again?’ Christine nods. ‘Of course,’ she says as she puts her hands on her lap. ‘Why do you think you belong here?’ Jake smiles. ‘I am motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn,’ he begins. His eyes keep going down. Her breasts are so big as well. Focus, Jake. ‘The location also is so breast taking. This is really inspiring,’ He immediately realizes what he just said and knows it’s over.

‘Damn it!’ Jake punched the wall. It’s so unfair, he was well-prepared. It’s just… that girl. She was breathtaking. She was gorgeous. Why did he have this interview with her? It would have went well with a guy. He sees Christine in the corner of his eye. Interviewing a girl, she will definitely get the job. She wouldn’t get distracted. It’s unfair. Damn it. He takes off the tie and goes to the parking lot.

Just when he was about to go to the parking lot, Jake notices the pub. He can drink one beer, he doesn’t have to drive that far. He enters the pub.

It’s getting dark and Jake still is in the pub. He only drunk one beer and coffee, so he is quite proud of himself. He looks out of the window and sees a defenseless girl being molested by two guys. He decides to take a closer look and recognizes Christine. For one moment he thinks it’s her own fault. She shouldn’t wear skirts that short. She should cover her breasts. She shouldn’t wear red lipstick. She probably isn’t smart, that’s why she’s looking like that. But there is something about that girl… something that intrigues him. He should help her.

Without further thinking, Jake feels how his legs are taking him to Christine. ‘Hey!’ he yells. The two guys probably are sixteen years old, impressed by the size of her breasts. They both are smoking and holding a beer bottle in one hand. ‘Go away old man,’ one boy says with his eyes half-open. Old? There only is an age difference of -maybe- five years, you brat. ‘Just leave her alone, then you won’t get in trouble’ Jake tries again. The boys laugh. ‘What are you? Her boyfriend?’ they grin. ‘No, but…’ one guy pinches Christine in her bum before Jake can even finish his sentence. He cannot recall the last time he was this mad, so he punched the boy on his nose. ‘What?! Are you crazy?! Old man, what are you doing?!’ Jake is a little proud that he scared them away, but the fact that they were just kids make it less special.

Jake can barely open his eyes the next morning, but the ringing bell tells him someone’s waiting outside. He puts his clothes on and stiffs as he sees Christine. ‘Good morning,’ she says. ‘I am here to tell you you’ve got the job. You are quite dedicated. I could have called you as well, but I just wanted to see you. Well done,’ Jake’s jaw dropped. ‘What?! I have the job?!’ he yells in disbelief. Christine nods. He immediately hugs her and smiles when she’s putting her arms around him.

10-11-2018 10:31
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