Video footage of #Budapest #coronavirus #covid19

#budapest #stayathome #maradjotthon #hungary #emptystreets #video #coronavirus #covid19 #quarantine #lockdown

Where I read that even wearing a mouth mask will make people look at you strangely, I have to say that here in Budapest, it's normal already. Not everyone wears them (probably because they were sold out at many places) but those that wear them won't be looked at as if they are crazy. I'm the only one going out for groceries since 2 weeks. My boyfriend and daughter are staying at home so we are at less risk catching the virus. I'm not going out every day either, but 2 or 3 times a week so far.

The supermarkets are quiet when I'm there, in the mornings and I actually notice more people are at home. When I see public transport pass, often these are almost empty as well. Look at this great #video with empty streets in Budapest. #stayathome #FlattenTheCurve
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