Budget tip for Playmobil furniture.

The other day I was looking for a Playmobil doll for a cottage that I made out of a milk carton. And when I was browsing the box, I went back to my childhood for a while. Playmobil was just on the market at that time (1974). I loved them, but my parents weren't broad and it wasn't really affordable for them.

Later, when I had children of my own, they did play with Playmobil. And that box is still in the attic. But while looking for that doll, an idea came to mind. What if you can also make furniture from cheaper materials. Then I went to sniff. And I knew you can do a lot with Origami, but you can also make pieces of furniture for Playmobil.

Source: Helena's Craft

In the video below, I make Origami a bed for a doll. So all you need is paper.

Good luck and lots of fun!

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