Bullying Venezuelan boys and girls at school in the USA

#opinin There is no doubt that in recent years, bullying in the USA has been on the rise. We know that bullying is a form of persistent behavior by a person, in a position of power, that injures or suppresses another individual, with the intention of inflicting physical or emotional harm.
In recent weeks, several Venezuelan boys and girls living in the United States have been bullied at school, and these cases have been reported, as reported in the videos, in which I leave you the link below. It is not fair for emigrants from several countries to receive such treatment in that country, especially Venezuelans, since in Venezuela, foreigners who visit or have lived in our country have always been treated very well
Harassment or bullying (in English) can happen anywhere. However, bullying in schools is very critical. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that, in 2017, 20% of students between 12 and 18 years old were bullied during the year.

For a behavior to qualify as bullying, it must be an act:
Intentional: There is aggressive behavior and a deliberate purpose to harm another
Repetitive: Happens against the same person repeatedly.
Dominant: The bully has more physical power or social influence than the person suffering from it. An imbalance of power is evident.
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