Do you feel like you're running against your limits? With this device it becomes demonstrable.

Burnout is the result of a constant too high stress or tension in your body. Unfortunately, more and more people are faced with this. Thus, even 1out of 6 employees would experience burn-out complaints. But not only workers seem to be bothered by this. It can also be a response to exceptional circumstances, such as the current coronacrisis. Until now, doctors have been difficult to diagnose a burnout in a patient. That's because there was no way to objectively quantify the stress levels in your body. Until now.

In a new study, researchers have developed a small portable sensor that can be placed directly on a patient's skin. This' patch 'then continuously measures the amount of cortisol in your sweat. “The most important thing is that this technology provides doctors with a new type of tool and dynamic data on cortisol levels," explains researcher Adrian Ionescu in an interview with Scientias.nl out. “It provides a daily overview of the amount of cortisol, which is impossible to obtain through blood samples." #BurnOut