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Among North American airlines, Air Canada's business class is among the best. Chef-prepared meals and BMW chauffeur service are included in its Signature Class. Find out if travelling in Air Canada's business class is right for you with our overview of the service.

Air Canada's business-class traveler's guide

With good reason, Air Canada's business class is frequently ranked among the world's best. With its new Signature Class experience, which debuted in 2018, the airline's old product was excellent, but the additional additions include an upgraded seat and even a chauffeured car service.
Baggage allowance: Air Canada offers two free checked bags for business class customers, each weighing up to 70 pounds. In some cases, additional baggage taxes may be imposed.

Each Air Canada Signature business class seat is unique to the plane. One-by-two-by-one executive pods are standard on both the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Boeing 777. A 2x2x2 arrangement is used on the Boeing 767 and the Airbus A330. 1x1x1 open suite seats are found in the 767 and A330's older business class cabins.

Access to the Signature Lounge and the Maple Leaf Lounge is included in the price of your ticket if you travel from Toronto or Vancouver. As a result, award tickets grant access to Maple Leaf or Star Alliance lounges at all points of origin and departure, as well as at all points of arrival. BMW chauffeur service is available to a select number of customers in Toronto.

How can I buy a business class ticket from Air Canada?

With Air Canada, booking a business class ticket is simple. Aeroplane, Air Canada's frequent flier program, allows you to pay for your flight with cash or points you've accrued. Both options can be found on the internet. "

Make a reservation through Air Canada, which is the simplest option. You'll use Air Canada's website whether you're paying with cash or miles. Simply switch the search box to "points" if you want to use miles to redeem for an award ticket. As a Star Alliance member, you'll have a slew of redemption options, including purchasing an award travel through a partner airline.

Using Air Canada's website requires that you first log in. Enter all of your trip information, including the route, dates of departure and arrival, and payment type, on the landing page. When searching for award redemptions, a breakdown of flight costs by class of service will be displayed.

Efforts to get the most for your money

Make a reservation with the airline that best suits your needs
As a member of the Star Alliance, Air Canada award tickets can be purchased on a variety of other airlines. If you're looking to save money, you may want to look into these tickets. As an example, below are two examples of award flight expenses with partner airlines:

Even though round-trip or open-jaw bookings are often the most cost-effective option to purchase Air Canada business class tickets, All Nippon Airways (ANA) restricts them. ANA charges 88,000 miles roundtrip in business class. For every 6,000 points transferred from American Express or Marriott Bonvoy to ANA, you'll get an additional 5,000 miles.

Using Avianca Lifemiles, Colombia's primary airline, business class trips cost 63,000 miles. There is a 5,000-mile bonus for every 6,000 points transferred from American Express or Citi Thank You to Marriott Bonvoy.


With the introduction of the new Executive Pods, Air Canada's business class seats are among the best anywhere. You may easily book your flight on Aeroplane's Signature Service with numerous award options available from both Star Alliance partners and the airline itself.

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