But they were so cute... #yoorsdecember #pets

Pets... and especially those sweet cute little puppies, kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters,... with their sweet eyes beckoning at you and your family members. Totally guessed and rash you go for that oh so cute pet... but is that a good idea?

You gonna take care of it, too? Are you talking about changing your lifestyle for it? Do you want to make time for that sweet rabbit and take care of your poor hamster when he's sick? And don't you mind taking your cute dog out in the pouring rain?

What I'm trying to say is that you don't just take a pet...
Pets are not toys!
A pet needs care and that for the rest of your time!

Even a goldfish needs care, more than you think at the first moment.

After the previous lockdown, the number of animals brought in again rose sharply in animal shelters and shelters, the reports for abandoned and neglected pets suddenly became much higher.
It would have been fun for a while but now that cute dog had to leave because they didn't have time for it anymore. Neglected, dumped or even tortured or killed that is unfortunately still the fate of those sweet pets who were oh so cute.

Indeed... Were because once the new is off, they often become a burden, the interest in that pet is shifted to something new and what do we do with that animal?

Rata's animal shelter vzw knows all about it...

This permanent home for neglected, ill-treated, disabled, sick and old animals is responsible day and night for the care of their captured animals. After the expansion of their dog kennel, they are now working on converting their attic into a cat house. They do this with their own resources and a lot of recycled or donated material. About 80 square meters will be transformed into 1 large playparadise for the cats. For this, scratching poles, ladders and cottages are needed so that all their shelters can play to their heart's content or find a quiet place if they want to get a moment. Will you help them with this?

Vzw Rata's Animal Shelter is a permanent home for neglected, abused, sick, old, disabled and traumatized animals. Every animal that ends up with them receives not only adapted accommodation and feed but also the necessary medical treatments, devices etc... Since they have a big heart for all kinds of animals, you will not only find cats and dogs but also goats, goats, ferrets, hamsters, birds, donkeys, a pig and much more. Since they work with animals that are often in great shape or need permanent care, they have deliberately chosen not to relocate the animals. They can live their lives with them, no matter how long or short that may be...

More and more they also work with fellow organisations who contact them when a “special need” animal arrives at them that is difficult or not repositionable. After all, together they can achieve so much more.

And you too can help them with this... via the link below


So if you really have a heart for animals, don't just take a pet and support the people who really care about it.

Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ratas-animal-shelter-342595999170626

We don't have pets ourselves but with these nice filters that was solved for a while...