Butterfly decorating with a paper mâché shape

Butterflies are beautiful and fragile insects with a special color appearance. No 1 butterfly is the same. When you see them fluttering, it just makes you happy. You can shape this butterfly all by yourself. It is a ready-made butterfly made of paper mache. Due to the structure of the wings (bumpy) it seemed better to me to work it with the metallic paint. This gives an extra glimmer to the butterfly and allows the shape to come into its own. Do you read how it was made?

What do you need?

- Paper mache butterfly


- Viva colours: purple /turquoise/gold


- Blingbling by Glitterbaas

- Sequins

-Collall knutsellijm


- Viva pearl pen turquoise

How do you make it?

1. Using a pencil, divide the butterfly into parts to paint the color areas

2. Paint the different sections

3. Work the butterfly with sequins on the glue and use cuddle glue

4. Paste the butterfly with bling bling

5. Using a pearl pen, work the edges of the inner wings with a pearl pen




Create fun creative butterflies with string-it, Diamond painting or embroidery!

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