Buying a home online is becoming more and more popular

A new study shows that home buyers who use the Internet are younger, wealthier and more ethnically diverse than traditional buyers, according to the Hawaii Association of Realtors(  Internet buyers also spend significantly less time physically looking at homes for sale before making a purchase, and look at far fewer homes before making a purchase than traditional buyers

Despite this, Internet buyers feel they are in control of the home buying process than traditional buyers according to the study.

Also reported in the company HawaiiTrustedRealty, which offers real estate services in Hawaii, over the past few years, the number of buyers looking for housing through their website has doubled. This is especially true for the sale of houses in Diamond Head( This is a very high figure.

California's Association of Realtors  study; also quotes "Internet buyers shell out $100,000.00 more than those who are coy about the net ---a median $426,200.00, compared to $350,000.00.  At the going 6 percent commission rate, that's a $6000.00 bonus for the agent!

The National Association of Realtors recently reported that for the first time more home buyers nationwide used the internet instead of newspaper ads as a key information source.  The research--- which included only newspaper ads and not magazines, direct marketing advertisement and other print media -- says 66 percent of the buyers surveyed reported using the internet, compared to 49 percent of buyers who say they used newspaper ads.  In 1995 only 2 percent of home buyers browsed the web for housing.