Bye, past! - Poems from my childhood

I recently got the poetry bundle 'Bye, past! issued through . You can buy the bundle as Paperback for €11.99 from the link below. Want to know more? Send me a message. You can order the bundle online or from me personally. In the latter case, I put a personal message in the book and send it to you myself (pick it up in Groningen or Assen).A brief description of the content:I give with “Bye, past!” a glimpse into my teenage and student days. I grew up Christian as the daughter of a predecessor, and let that past as a “pastor's daughter” have just been the reason I started poetry! Some poems are explicitly Christian, most are not. There are also a few poems written in English. The poems are sometimes based on people, sometimes on other things or simply my thoughts. The bundle contains 25 poems.