It's the end of October but it feels like it's May.

Until recently, we still had plenty of butterflies in the garden.
Cabbage whites were represented the longest. They were busy visiting the rock hard in the garden.

Butterflies are insects. They have a head, a thorax, a abdomen and six legs.
With their faceted eyes, they can distinguish a lot more colors than people. With their rolling tongue, they can extract the nectar deep from the calyxes of flowers. The antennas are used to detect odors. The wings of butterflies have a kind of powder coating. They are very vulnerable. Butterfly wings often look battered.

Butterflies of the same species, such as cabbage whites, often perform a mating dance to explore each other. One of the two sits still, the rear body often slightly raised, while the second butterfly approaches.
I filmed the video (filmed with my phone in September) in slow motion, otherwise you will only see a bit of flutter.