Cactus knutselen van Do & Dry boetseerklei

Kleien met zelfhardende klei biedt heel veel mogelijkheden, omdat je het niet af hoeft te bakken. Je kan het kleien combineren met allerlei materialen, die niet in de oven kunnen. Een cactus als deze is ook heel makkelijk en snel gemaakt! De klei hoeft niet eens te drogen, voordat je het gaat verven.

Wil jij ook een cactus knutselen? Vraag dan De Knutseljuf Ede om bij je te komen knutselen, op je kinderfeestje, familiefeestje of zomaar met een groepje vriendinnetjes. Of koop zelf Do & Dry klei, een mini bloempotje (deze is 5cm hoog), wat acrylverf (bijv. Creall Top deco acrylverf) , cocktailprikkertjes en een paar mini-pomponnetjes. Bloemetjes van klei maken en verven kan natuurlijk ook!


  • Kneed een "dik kort knakworstje" van klei
  • Kneed een dunnere worst en deel hem (ongelijk) door 2, dat zijn de zijtakken 
  • Maak de zijtakken vast aan de grote worst, met kleitools veeg je de naden vast zodat de zijtakjes goed vast zitten
  • Prik met 'n cocktailprikker overal gaatjes in de klei
  • Verf de cactus groen of lichtgroen en laat drogen
  • Verf ondertussen je bloempotje, verf rand en onderstuk elk een andere kleur en laat drogen
  • Verf dan details zoals driehoekjes, kwastjes en vierkantjes met de andere kleuren

  • Stop een propje papier in het potje, zodat je niet teveel klei in het potje hoeft te stoppen
  • Maak met je vinger een gaatje zodat je de cactus erin kan stoppen
  • Druk de klei in het potje stevig aan zodat je cactus stevig staat
  • Verf de bodem lichtgeel of geel zodat het woestijnzand lijkt
  • Breek de topjes van de prikkers en steek ze in de klei
  • Prik een pomponnetje aan een klein stukje prikker en steek het ook in de klei

Als je nu in de online Creall Shop knutselmaterialen (zoals verf en klei) koopt, krijg je GRATIS een pak Do & Dry boetseerklei bij je bestelling meegeleverd! Vul dan wel even bij je bestelling de vouchercode: "creametkids" in !

Wat is het leuk om foto's van werkstukken te ontvangen die geinspireerd zijn door onze knutsels! Onderstaande 3 foto's zijn ingestuurd door Trees V. en gemaakt door Mirre . Superleuk gedaan! Met wiebeloogjes worden ze helemaal zó schattig!

Popsicles go camping
Tasty on holiday! Do you feel like it?? If you're going camping, take popsicle sticks, glue and colored paper! Then you can craft funny things with the theme camping/holiday, fun yet! We've made some examples here that you could make. Glue them on a canvas cloth or a sheet of paper and turn them into a whole camping or holiday home. Always nice to get the holiday feeling, when you look at it again. Basically, everything is done with colored paper and popsicle sticks. And scissors and allslime (eg. from Collall) of course. First draw the shape on paper, for example. the caravan. Cut out the shape and then paste it with popsicle sticks. When the glue is dried, turn the workpiece over and with a large sturdy scissors you can cut off the sticks around the shape. With fine-liner, permanent marker or paint markers you can apply the details. Feel free to use lots of wobbly eyes, sequins, flowers or other decorations, that makes it nice and cozy! Als we op de camping komen, plaatsen we natuurlijk eerst the caravan op de kampeerplaats. The tent is set up, with 2 sticks and a piece of colored paper. Pump up the air mattress and zip your sleeping bag. Ready to sleep in later. Then the BBQ can already be! The meat sticks are strung to put on the BBQ. Hmm.. yummy! The oven mitt and the tools are made of black paper and a white marker. Meanwhile, with the bike, the children will cross over the campsite. At the picnic table we eat our food and when it gets dark, the lantern goes on. And the campfire makes it even more cozy. some music (guitar) and marshmallows can be tinkered! The next day we go by bike to... the beach! yummy spelen in het zand met emmer, schepje en gietertje. Do you grease yourself well?? Als we terug zijn op de camping, is het nog eventjes yummy luieren in de hangmat. Craft a canoe (or boat) so you can also go to the water for canoeing. nice is that, huh?? The sun is shining, the sky is blue, so kite, come soon! Dive from the wooden pier, row, play and kite all day! By the way, you can make the so-called wooden parts by drawing wood grain with brown marker on the sticks. Pretty funny, huh?? Nog een keertje naar the beach, deze keer gaat je luchtbed mee. A flashlight is also useful to have, and a pan to heat knaksausages over the fire. Oh.. I just remembered, we forgot the clothesline! Do you tinker with it?? Hang your swimsuit and towels on it, so they can dry quickly in the sun. These are the flower sequins we used here. They are available at Trixx Creatief. You can also find the Collall slime! More info. Popsicle sticks | Naturel | 1 x 11.5 cm | 1000 stuks (€7,95) te koop in de webshop van Heutink: more info Popsicles by the Sea - Read more A Mexican party with popsicle sticks - Read more Fruit tinkering with wooden popsicle sticks - Read more Festive wooden popsicle sticks - Read more - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here now for free and without obligation at Yoors! #camp #camping #popsiclesticks #icesticks #tinkering #vacation #vacationknutsel #woodsticks #colouredpaper #creatively #creativelymetkids #tinkeringmetkids #vacationknutselen #tinkeringmetijsstokjes #craftsticks
It is strongly advised to accept a poisoned gift
#corona REQUEST FOR ADVICE I have a house. That house is fine. Never suffered from flooding or any other problem. Now I have received a letter from the government saying that I should have the walls of my house injected because it will be better protected from the rain, everyone will be encouraged to do so and they will pay all costs. It won't cost me a euro. It's a gift. That is of course very nice but I am a bit bored that the government rejects all liability if something goes wrong with injecting my walls and there is (serious) damage to my house. She only pays for the works. For the rest, I have to draw my plan. I may be able to choose from: BV Faaizer SA Moo Derna NV A. Sea-eeca EG J. & sons Because the government has given so little explanation, I have chosen a few things myself to find out more about these companies and their products.. I like to know who I'm dealing with, especially now that I'm going to have to pay for the consequences if something goes wrong. Now it turns out that those 4 companies have had a lot of problems with their products in the past. Yes. All of them have been summoned many times by owners of other houses in payment of astronomical damages for major damage caused by them. All 4 of them have been involved in corruption scandals many times. This is not of nature to inspire confidence. contrary. If they've had so much trouble ? Amai, say. I dug a little further and what did I find out? ? That they do not even give a guarantee on their products and they have entered into a contract with the government in which they have demanded exemption from all liability and obtained. So.... if there are problems with my home I can not go to the government or to the company for compensation. Either way, a recovery is not possible because once my walls are injected it is forever. It can't be undone. I don't think it's wise to have this work done in these circumstances and under such conditions by one of those 4 companies. By the way, I do not understand at all that the government recommends those 4 companies. Such a bad reputation, so many problems and on sale for nothing liable ? It can only be that there is a smell on it, right? ? I want to protect my home even better than it is already the case, but I think I should have this done by a company with an excellent reputation such as the NV. V. Tamine. . What is your advice ? Should I accept this poisoned gift at the risk of major damage to my home against which I cannot do anything?