Calling spirits, NEVER do it!

#geesten You probably know these trends like bloody mary, charly charly. You'd think, “Why can't you do it, it's a fake, “but that's not the case with most things... Just look at bloody mary, if it goes wrong you may have brought another ghost into your house and nobody wants that, even though you think nothing happens in the days after everything can happen and it can go completely wrong. very often when a ghost comes when you have summoned it are demons. If they come by themselves it may be that it is someone dear to you It may be for example your grandmother and that she wants to protect you until you are old enough. why you should never summon spirits yourself is because there are spirits that are stronger than your mind especially demons and you can be possessed by that spirit. If you're possessed, you have no control over how and what you do.
So watch out with ghosts and know what you do when you do it.
Xxx Lisa