#Camelot what are your experiences?

Yoors also has experience with Camelot. These are similar to what is described in this article. For example, we have not had a good working internet connection for 4 years. We'll pay for it.
And I stopped reporting after the 6th account manager... I couldn't take them seriously in the long run.
Eventually only bought their own second internet solution.

Below are some illustrations from the article.

What are your #Camelot Experiences?

He prefers to remain anonymous, fearing that he will be evicted from his apartment. Take the heater, he says. It broke nine months ago. When Camelot came by after months of insisting, they took the broken water heater, he did not get a replacement. “It's not nice to live here,” he says. But he has no choice. “Other options in Antwerp are too expensive.” Other residents also have no heating, or even hot water.

“Former employees are also critical of their former employer. “When tenants leave a Camelot room, control follows. I was more or less expected to see damage for a few hundred euros, which was deducted from the security deposit,” says a former technical employee who wants to remain anonymous because he signed for secrecy. “You can imagine it wasn't nice to do those checks. But in the end most tenants left it there.”

“Camelot goes for the very last quarter and doesn't like to repay, whether it's overpaid rent, collected deposit or too high service charges. “If a resident is entitled to a few hundred euros from Camelot, this will not be paid in principle,” several former employees say. They all want to remain anonymous because they signed for secrecy. “The last thing I want is to be attacked by lawyers from Joost,” said one of them.

Let them go to court, is Camelot's philosophy, says another. “Joost knows that most people don't do that for such a small amount.”