Farewell strengthens the lack,
when the reunion isn't there anymore.

Often a reunion is only a matter of time,
which makes the thought feel comfortable and rejoicing us.

But still... no, it's not nice to say goodbye.
Saying goodbye hurts me.

Of course I am grateful for the moments, given to us again.
My gratitude is great, even if the reunion was only for a moment.

We got to share again, a smile and a tear.
I am also very proud, that despite distance, our love remains so strong.

Unfortunately, our reunion is still waiting for a while.
Fortunately, there is one thing that can completely alleviate my suffering.

Our moments may be scarce, but you know, our love is greater than the lack could ever be.
And that's exactly why I look forward to seeing us again, despite the farewell and in spite of the pain...

by: a Voice of Thoughts www.angelienahuis.nl / info@angelienahuis.nl

#gedichtmissen #missen #yoorsnovember

Can love be greater than lack?