Can you be unbiased about yourself?

With this question I specifically mean: try to step out of your body, look at yourself as another person would and then judge your actions, your looks and your traits.

How to look at yourself without bias?
Think about your driving: Are you better than average? In a test of 100 random drivers, where would you end up? It turns out that 88% of people consider themselves above average. This means that objectively a big percentage of these people are wrong, and therefore biased. How hard is it to be unbiased about yourself? Impossible.

I have just recently tried to look at myself on a more objective way. But I can't. There's no way to see myself as someone else. I could do it slightly but never completely.

- Think about things that you think you've always done right, but others have told you that are not.
- Or moments that you've thought that you were ugly, but then 10 others tell you your beautiful.
- Or moments that you thought you didn't matter, and others tell you that you do.

Is it impossible for you?
Stepping away from our own ego, our own experiences, our own knowledge is impossible simply because we are finite beings. We are wet meaty organic creatures trapped inside a finite body.

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