"How about two cups?" Asked Charley, bending over, his quick hands busy carrying bottles and cans, packs and rolls, to Rusanov's bedside table. That won't do! Pavel Nikolayevich shook his head. It's strictly forbidden for us to get this disease. For a month, no one in the ward dared to think about it, but for Charey, it seemed impossible to live without it. What's your name He was already in the corridor in front of Rusanov's bed and sat down with him. Pavel Nikolayevich. "Pasha!" Charly put his hand affectionately on his shoulder. Don't listen to the doctor! Their healing is tantamount to putting people in the grave. But we want to live-live free and easy! Maxime Charley's simple face was confident and friendly. Today is Saturday, and all treatment in the hospital is suspended until Monday. Outside the gloomy window, the rain kept falling, separating Rusanov from all his relatives and friends. There were no pictures of mourning in the newspaper, and the indescribable feeling of grievance congealed in my heart. The electric light had lit up the ward long before the long night, and in this case it was time to have a drink, a bite, and a game of poker with this really lovely man. (He played poker,teardrop pallet racking, which would have been news to Pavel Nikolayevich's friends!) Charly is such a dodger that he has put the bottle under his pillow. He opened the bottle with one finger and quietly poured half a cup to each of them beside his knee. They clinked glasses right there. Pavel Nikolayevich, in true Russian fashion, put aside all the fears, taboos and vows of the recent past, just to wash away the depression in his heart and make himself feel warm. We have to live! Stay alive, Pasha! "Charley consoled him,heavy duty metal racking, and his strange face suddenly became serious, even fierce." If anyone has lived enough, he can wait for death, but we must live! The words became a toast, and they toasted. Rusanov, who had been very weak for a month and had drunk nothing but a light red wine, now seemed to be on fire, and the fire kept spreading all over his body, as if to say to him: There is no need to hang your head, people still live in the cancer building, metal racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, and you have to go out from here. These.. Polyp Does it hurt you badly? Asked Pavel Nikolayevich. Yes, it hurts all the time. But I ignored it.. Pasha! Vodka doesn't make it any worse, you have to understand that! Vodka can cure all diseases. I have to drink alcohol when I get to the operating table, and what do you think? Look, it's in that little bottle.. Why do you want to drink alcohol? Because it can be absorbed immediately, there will be no excess water. The surgeon turned the stomach over and looked at it-nothing could be found, it was clean! And I'm drunk anyway, and I don't know anything.. Besides, you've been to the front, and you know this: every time before an attack, you send vodka.. Have you ever been wounded? "No." You're lucky.. And I have been wounded twice: here, and here, and you see the two cups are filled with about 100 grams each. "No more," said Pavel Nikolayevich, not so firmly. " It's dangerous. "What danger?"? Did Tui give you the lie that it was dangerous? Come on, eat the tomato! Ah, what a fine Fanru! That's right. What's the difference between drinking 100 grams of silver and drinking 200 grams of silver now that you're abstinent? Since the great man died and no one mentioned it, what's the difference between drinking 200 grams and drinking 250 grams? Pavel Nikolayevich emptied the second cup to show that he remembered his host's kindness. To the end, just like at the death anniversary party. He curled his lips sorrowfully. Then send the tomato to the middle of the twisted lips. He listened knowingly to what Maxim was saying, and the two men's heads almost touched. Hey, how cute red is! Maxim is making a comment. Here, 1000 grams of tomatoes sell for one ruble, and if you bring them to Karaganda, you can sell them for 30 rubles. I can't get it! But bring it-no. Check it in-no.
Why not? Tell me, why not? Maxim Petrovich was excited, and his eyes were wide open, and he could see that he was thinking nervously and searching for the meaning of life. A little man in an old coat came to the stationmaster. 'Do you, stationmaster, want to live?' The stationmaster quickly grabbed the phone, thinking that the man was coming to kill him. But the man put three 100-ruble bills on the stationmaster's desk. 'Why Not? ' He asked. Why do you say, "That's no good"? If you want to live, I want to live. Just tell them to take my tomatoes as baggage check-in! ' That's it, Paran, life triumphs! A running train is nominally a'passenger train ', but in fact it carries all tomatoes: tomato baskets on the luggage rack and tomato baskets under the luggage rack. Give a tip to the conductor and a tip to the ticket inspector. Out of the jurisdiction of the railway Bureau,radio shuttle racking, there are other ticket inspectors, so it's a little bit of fun for them. Rusanov felt dizzy and feverish, and the disease was overwhelmed. But what Maxim said doesn't seem to be right. Can't coordinate.. Isn't it against.. , "This is the opposite!" Pavel Nikolayevich said stubbornly. Why do you want to do this? · It's not good.. 。 kingmoreracking.com

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