Zout tekeningen maken

Vandaag  gaat mijn dochter knutselen en tekenen met zout. 

 allereerst maak je op papier een leuke tekening met potlood.

Met witte hobbylijm trek je de tekening over. Daarna strooi je flink wat zout over je tekening en laat je het even opdrogen.

Met gewone waterverf kun je nu je tekening kleur geven. Door het zout en het water in de verf krijg je een mooi effect. Hang je de tekening in de zon dan glinstert hij prachtig! 


Hieronder kunnen je vrienden zich aanmelden. Jullie krijgen beiden gelijk een beloning van 125 Yp. Je kunt het helemaal bewerken en op maat maken.Weghalen is ook heel eenvoudig met het rode kruisje als je er met je muis op gaat staan.


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!

Colored Rolls...
#jjaede MY first work done alone, when I started painting I didn't think I could achieve it, I copied carbon images, did work with laser prints or just unicolor. After leaving my third surprise pregnancy, I went to a country art shop where I always wanted to enter I met his owner Adriana very friendly, showed me everything available from his store and before leaving he told me about his courses in painting on wood. I'm excited about the idea, but it was the next day, words came up in.mi mente que evitaban participará. But I decided not to keep thinking if I will come. The next day I went to the course I loved it, and after several workshops I decided to try myself at home alone. I had a wooden chest and everything needed. Among so many ideas I had been told about one, Argentinian artist who drew spectacular, and I decided to look at his works I had just created a work that was exactly how I felt. I fell in love with that work so much that I didn't think about it and immediately decided to start painting. I can't say I'm the same but it's my work of art, it was what I wanted to do, how I felt. Thousands of ideas and colors passed through my mind. Desire to create painting. The chest was very beautiful, I sold it immediately to buy more material to continue painting. And here I am painting a lot more beautiful things that I can think of. Sometimes he did not publish. But I always save my photos of the process until I finish it.. These photos were from years ago and I kept in an app of my mobile Google Photos that I download in 2000, I love this app and I have years relying on it to store all my photos I have ideas. Follow me on Instagram! Username: rorocando https://www.instagram.com/rorocando?r=nametag I hope you like it as much as I do. Sent from my HUAWEI P9 lite
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BBQ crafts
On this homemade barbecue kids can enjoy their own burgers, sausages, chops, etc.. whims! With a real spatula and BBQ tongs, they can rotate the meat.! So completely safe! Super fun for toddlers and toddlers in the house/garden corner!  Put a cozy garden set next to it, give the kids a real BBQ apron and add real (empty) bottles of sauce. Curry, mustard, etc! Of course, from green (crumpled) paper or green felt, you can cut some leaves of lettuce.. , some paper mushrooms and onion rings.. Ooh.. , that's going to be feast! Make the BBQ from a sturdy fruit box. Turn the box upside down, so with the opening down.. Paint the box black on the sides and edge of the bottom with black acrylic paint, e.g.. from Creall. Also fun to dye with the kids!  After drying the paint, coat the top with aluminum foil.. Draw it with a black permanent (thick) marker and grid, using a long ruler. Cut the burgers, fish, sausages and satet pads out of cardboard, e.g.. of a diaper box. Paint one side pink/red, and the other side of the meats brown with a grill stripes! Make some black, so they look burned. It's part of it, huh?? Or never burn your burgers on the BBQ.? This great idea and the photos have been submitted by Toddler Teacher Hilke . That's super, thank you, Hilke.! Follow her on Instagram? Here are templates of the delicacies that can be grilled on the BBQ.. Download image and print out. Cut out the parts and pull over to sturdy cardboard..  Make up your own chicken legs, bacon tabs, corn and some other vegetables? Small paper pastry plates and cutlery are also a cosy match.. Then it will be a success.! Eat appetizing! Website: The Craft Teacher Ede    Mail: ilse@deknutseljuf.nl #bbq #barbecue #barbeque #tinkering #creatively