Renowned हकीम (physician) Lukman was the pioneer of Unani system of medicine.
He had deep understanding of maladies, their effective cures.

Lukman intensely admired, respected Mother Nature, from whom he learnt many a thing.

He often caressed, conversed lovingly with plants for hours.
It is said that the plants reciprocated his affection by revealing their uses, medicinal properties to him!

One can enrich one's life only by venerating, living in harmony with Mother Nature.

In her peculiar ways,  caring Mother Nature also warns human beings about the imminent perils.

Various studies have proved that animals, birds become aware of the impending catastrophe beforehand, give warning signals.

Birds start flying low before a hurricane.

Ants start leaving their mounds before an earthquake.

I believe, have written :

नदियों की कलकल, भौंरों की गुंजन, तितलियों की गुनगुन
यक़ीनन ये सब कह रहे है कुछ, ज़रा ध्यान लगा कर सुन

The burbling rivers, the soft whispers of the butterflies, humming of the bumblebees.

Definitely all these beings are trying to converse with us.

It is wise, in our own interest to pay attention to what they are conveying.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

Caring Mother Nature.