Carnavalskleding zelf maken voor kinderen - inspiraties

Aankleedpop. Alleen wit karton, stift en waterverf nodig! Bron: SMP Craft

Voor meisjes of tienermeisjes. Plak een M op je t-shirt en rijg elastiek door een stukje tule.


Boselfje. Plak je kleding vol met (kunst)blaadjes. 

Werkwijze: Simple Simon

Zwarte kat. Werkwijze: Simple Simon

Warme chocomel met marshmallows.Werkwijze: Manvi Drona

Badeend met zeepbubbels. Bron: Jon Wittle

Waterverfdoos Werkwijze: Kathy Beymer

Pizza, van 2 hoepels. Werkwijze: Manvi Drona

Kauwgomballenautomaat. Bron: Cute Girls Hairstyles

Regenwolk. Bron: Stitched By Crystal

Afstandsbediening. Bron: DIY Costumes

Sloep roeibootje. Van karton en verf.  Bron: DIY Costumes

Appelboom. Bron:

Gebakken ei. Bron: Plaid Crafts

Goochelaar. Bron: Parents

Dierentuinverzorger. Bron:  Parents

Speelkaart harten vrouw. Ook leuk voor meisjes. En de kraag is zo gemaakt! Bron: thejoyoffashionblog

Olaf. Werkwijze: Desert Chica

Pauw. Bron: The Effortless Chic

Kwal! Ook handig als het regent :). 

Bron: Popsugar

Cactus. Bron: Popsugar

Hier kan je ook shirts laten bedrukken voor carnaval: Digitransfer

Schlager verkleedkleren voor kinderen

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Turn your photo into digital illustration
#DRAWING   #ILLUSTRATION   I create digital illustrations - Enya Mona As you know, I make digital illustrations and regularly blogs about them. I like to do this and now I came up with the idea of creating digital illustrations for other. Would you like to have a picture of yourself, family or with your loved one transformed into an illustration? Then you can come to me! I deliver them in good quality so you can still print them. You can always ask for adjustments in case you haven't been completely satisfied. It's also almost Mother's Day so this can also be a very nice gift that you can give to someone! Price: €15 MY DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS - This is how I make my artwork. So this is also what you can expect. - - - Send me a message via Yoors or to my email if you are interested. email: I look forward to making creations for you! If you don't want digital illustration, you can also help me in another way by sharing this. I would appreciate tremendously!
Comment and receive 25 YP 25
Risotto lens
This is a nice recipe for a drizzly spring day. Also fun for kids who are not willing to eat vegetables. My son is not super hot on greetings separately, but this risotto he loves. A nice warm-up and a vegetable feast. win-win! ingredients - 400gr leeks 300gr risotto rice 1 bone pipe yoke 2 broth cubes (meat and/or garden herbs) 150 gr corn (can) 300 gr peas and carrots (canned) 400gr chipolata sausages 200ml white wine 1.2 liters (boiling) water Herbal Cheese Pepper Salt Herbal tule (thyme, bay leaf, parsley) (olive) oil Preparation - Put the broth cubes in a jug and pour over the boiling water. Let the cubes dissolve until you have a nice broth. Meet 300gr risotto rice af. I do not know if this is available in tuiltjes, but I always buy a large bag of 2kg. You can go a long way with that. Cut the onion into rings and cut the leeks into half rings. Or do nice and easy and just buy a bag pre-cut like me. You can also fry the sausages first, then you don't have to do that during the dish. Preferably use not a large round, but the short variant, which are then easier to cut with zen everything. I often use different types of mixed up: ordinary, peasant and/or merguez sausages. Also chicken sausages can, of course,. Then cut the sausages into small pieces and set aside. Find your biggest pot. You may think it's not at first sight in terms of ingredients, but don't miss out on your. Risottor list swells greatly, and once everything is there, your pot, despite its size, will be well filled. Below you can see a photo of before and after the rice has been cooked up to give you an idea. Recipe - Put oil in the jar and let it warm. Put in the pipe juin, let it fry and add the risotto rice. Stir over and watch the rice become glassy. Add the white wine and stir again. Allow to boil for a while and then gradually start adding a little broth. You know: this is a dish where you have to be constantly present — especially the first time —. Although it sometimes seems as if there's enough moisture floating at the top, it's best to stir around every minute, because before you know it you stick rice to the bottom and burn the place. Every time you notice that the broth has boiled again, add another shoot. The rice will swell more and more and more. In the meantime, put a regular pot on the fire and stew the leeks with some salt and pepper. I also always put some herbal tug on top, which is an already cut mixture of thyme, lauries and parsley. You can get these at the Colruyt. When you have added the last of the broth to the rice you can start mixing all the ingredients. Leak out the peas and carrots, as well as the corn and add it to the rice. Also the already stewed leeks can now be. If the sausages have cooled down a little too much, you can bake them again in the jar of the leeks. Then you also add this to the dish, do not be embarrassed to scoop some baking fat with, because that is also an extra seasoning. As a finish, I always add a good spoon or two herbal cheese. That makes it extra creamy. Serve a scoop or 3 in a deep plate and then you have this result. Tasty! #risotto #lens #recipes #vegetables #    My southern spring salad - Read more Removing baby bowel symptoms - Read more Oriental pumpkin soup - Read more