A lucky finder

Did I mention I recently had a boyfriend? His name is Luuk and he's in my class. He didn't really notice me that much until he gave a speech a while ago. It was about science fiction. He thought Star Wars was the best sf series ever, when everyone knows it's a fantasy story. Yoda doesn't have puntors for nothing. And of course he told me he was named after Luke Skywalker. Now I happen to know that he is not and that he was named after his grandfather Lucas, but, well, leave him in that delusion. He told me he went to fairs occasionally. Usually looking for Pokemon tickets, because that's another hobby of his. We just went to a collector's fair together with Oomroon. Oh, yeah, he's also busy building his own droid, whatever that is. #cartoon #strip #oomroon #soofje #diniez #diniedezeeuw #humor #ronaldkroon #groteneuzenenpuntoren #stripwereld #stripbeurs