Cash gift folding - fish in fish bowl

Do you want to give money, for a birthday, wedding, birth or any other occasion? And do you want to hand over that money in an original but also easy way? Then fold nice fish from the euro banknotes and let them swim around in a glass fish bowl/vase!

Photo: Submissions by Bianca the Great

  • Buy a glass bowl/vase with white stones (Action)
  • Cut out 2 colors of green paper some aquatic plants/seaweed (below you can download the pattern), stick skewers or straws between them so that they stay upright and stick to half a toilet roll and dig them under.
  • Fold fish and a crab from your cash notes. Below you will find the step-by-step instruction film: very easy!!!

Folded by The Craft Juf Ede, also super easy for children!

This one is a bit harder, to get the legs nicely tight.

My mother has also been folding! Here are two notes of 50 euros, these are the more chic versions:) The eyelet is drawn on magic tape with waterproof marker (adhesive tape that does not damage your paper) and cut out. This way the eyelet is easy to remove again. Very creative!

Wonderful, but true: it is possible to give a person money without making an imaginative impression. Coins and banknotes can be shaped in many ways. Folded or rolled up, neatly wrapped and nicely decorated, your money gift is a jewel on any gift table. For a birth, a wedding, at Christmas or simply as a thank you: in this book you will find countless ideas for a wide variety of situations. Good ideas, small effort: thanks to careful step-by-step descriptions and clear photos and illustrations, you can easily make the best money gifts yourself.

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