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Castlefest 2022 the garden.

The first weekend of August is a great time to enjoy the many flowers in the garden of Keukenhof Castle.

Nice to see a tree that I don't know yet.

On google, I find that this blower tree has many different names. This tree from Asia is also called Chinese varnish tree, yellow soap tree, lantern tree and cooling window. The bladders contain seeds that you can roast and eat.

Of course, I also look for insects. And I come across this fly. A meadowflake eye. Very difficult to get a good picture again, of course.

And it's a shame that the animal keeps turning its back on me. Because if you can see the eyes in detail, you can see that they are spotted. Hence the name “meadow fleoog”.

I also hope to see a lot of butterflies.

And yes, there are a lot of whites. But other butterflies, that's disappointing. I'm already happy with this thistle butterfly.

It is a bit quieter in the garden of the court farm.

Even so quiet that when I sit there for a while, a weasel or ermine comes running from among the flowers and disappears under the bamboo. It's all going so fast that unfortunately I haven't had the chance to take a picture.

But a robin takes a little longer.

And this kid is also curious.

A mulberry grows along the wall.

Could already taste a ripe one.

This beautifully colored bug also stands out.

According to the obsidentify app, it's a hawthorn keel bug.

A bug that feeds on hawthorn berries.

And then an elf can just walk by!

On the wall of the Frederik's court lies a long snake.

I photographed him from both sides. And from both sides, I'm not happy with the background. So I edited this photo. In the IBISPaint X app, I erased the background and put a picture of the sky behind it.

I took this picture at around half past 11 in the evening.

With the low sun behind it, you can see some more details.

There are many varieties of dahlias in this garden.

I just kept shooting.

One species is even more beautiful than the other.

According to the site, there are up to 150 varieties of dahlias

Also a nice spot near the duck house follie.

On the side of a ditch, a lonely swan flower.

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