Holding paws


Brother and Sister

They came from the same litter of six. He was the only male, she was the quietest kitten in the box, sleeping when everyone else was jumping around and being crazy.

We've been a mixed-paws family for over four years now, but in some ways it feels like a lot longer. It's hard to remember exactly how life was before they came around.

It's not all roses and tuna fish, mind you. From health concerns every now and again, to rocky car trips, to not having the freedom to pack a bag and ride off into the sunset whenever the wanderlust hits.

But the highs have grossly outweighed the lows. Chasing them around the house like five-year-olds playing tag makes me forget every concern in the world. Snuggling under a blanket hearing them purr bring me peace. They are my kind of zen and though we still haven't mastered each other's language they teach me every day about resilience and living in the now.

One of my favourite things about them is how close they are to each other. They play together, sleep together, keep each other company and never go beyond an occasional squabble that is usually over in seconds without a real fight.

Even on vet days, when he hisses at her because she smells weird and surely must be an impostor trying to take over the house, we've all learned to play it cool and wait for the storm to pass.

I always said if I had cats of my own I'd rather have two than one. This is the reason why.

Here they are, holding paws by the heater, their favourite hanging spot during Winter. It's not the best quality photo I have of them (and trust me, there are a lot!) but it's one that I feel represents their essence in its truest form.

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