Cellulitis is a bacterial infection involving the inner layers of the skin. However, it mostly affects the lower leg and feet, but the infection can occur anywhere on a body and if not treated early can lead to serious complications. Cellulitis appears as redness and swelling with a diffuse border.

Food factor

Foods that cause cellulitis are;

•    Sub-carbs/ Refined carbs

Carbs such as pastries, sugar, cereals, candy, and pasta. Too much-refined carbs can lead to chronic inflammation. With chronic inflammation, the fat cells start to swell and eventually retain fluid, hence bumpy of the skin.

•    Processed Food

Processed foods are another cause of inflammation. Most supermarket foods are some of the worst foods for cellulite. Examples of foods are; baked foods, sodas, and meat. An increase in toxins after fat cell enlargement and retaining fluid also causes cellulitis.

Puncture wound
Cellulitis can also be caused by cracks or break in the skin that allows bacteria to enter. If the wound or injury is left untreated, the infection can spread widely to the bloodstream and eventually becomes life-threatening.

Surgical Wound

Trauma and surgery can also cause cellulitis. When the Doctor undertakes surgical procedures, some toxic elements which are not sanitized well can cause inflammation afterward. Bacteria can enter through these objects, and apparent bacteria that are responsive will lead to after-surgery infection. Infection slows wound healing by prolonging inflammation, encouraging wound dehiscence, and increasing high risk.

Foreign Objects

Foreign bodies in the wound prolong the inflammatory response. This increases the risk of infection. Removal of these foreign objects should be a priority. The longer the object stays in the wound the longer it will take to heal.

Exposure to Toxic Metals

Ions in vaccines are one of the most common factors when it comes to inflammation. Metals like mercury and aluminum mostly in vaccine administered, maybe also a significant factor in the cellulitis reaction. It is well known that the human body is vulnerable to aluminum and mercury toxicity.

Dog Or Cat Bites

When someone is bitten by a dog or any other animal or insect, there is a risk of developing bacteria causing cellulitis. If not treated early, the bacteria can widely spread through the entire body.
An insect bite or sting that penetrates the skin, can allow bacteria living on the surface of the skin to get below it and cause inflammation. Insect bites can be itchy. This causes the victim to scratch the infected area, and as a result, leads to breakage of the skin.

Underlying Conditions

Relevant factors also can cause cellulitis. These factors include. Diabetes, malignant diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Disruption of the cutaneous barrier, and Obesity. All these are associated with acute cellulitis.


Cellulitis is caused by many factors which include, food factors, surgical wounds, exposure to toxic metals, dog or cat bites, and underlying conditions. Cellulitis is treatable when detected by a doctor and given the right medication to ensure to complete the whole course of medication.

Causes Of Cellulitis