We continue with this blog in which I remind you a little about the consoles for those who have not seen the previous ones and are aware 0_0 asi que atento.

4) - PlayStation Classic.


  1. Games: 20

  2. Controls: Wired
  3. Includes: Power cable, 2 remote controls, HDMI cable

  4. Graphics: 32-bit

PlayStation Classic, launched to celebrate Sony's first foray into console games, landed with the force of a bomb. In addition to being immensely popular at the time, PlayStation established a lineage of machines that continue to dominate the market today. As such, it was inevitable that they would bring the original to celebrate their successes.

This reissue reduces the size of the console and adds USB and HDMI cable ports. Aside from that, it has been left exactly as it appeared in the Spice Girls and Friends era. And, honestly, why should anything be changed about it? For starters, it was always a beautiful machine thanks to its simple design, its nice large buttons and its striking disc tray.

Replicas of PlayStation controllers are just as excellent, and being USB they can be used on other consoles or in PC emulation. It's easy to connect and play, and the overall package is great quality.

Where the PlayStation Classic experience stumbles slightly is with its misapproach to emulation. Some games play slower than the original ones, while others appear blurry and unclear. There are no options to adjust video settings or how games work.

However, it's hard not to love this offer in general. The games included vary in quality, but they all occupy a place in PlayStation history: Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Metal Gear Solid are excellent. Although it's a shame we don't have Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot and other great entries.


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