Challenge: Create an Object with... Part 1

The Objectoons - challenge starts!

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Drawing with everyday objects, how fun is that! From a number of posts on Pinterest I came up with the idea of creating drawings with everyday objects. I shared it at Yoors and that soon came out of the idea to turn it into a challenge! Process a different object in a drawing every day. The so-called #objectoons were born thanks to @Dewaputra who invented the naming! Below are the points of interest, and the list of objects that participate in the Pool each day. The more participants participate per day with a submission, the higher the Pool profit will be for the one with the most hearts! Are you in, too? Share the challenge especially on other socials!

START: Tomorrow 30 DECEMBER 2020 with object 1: scissors!

How do you participate?

  1. Download the list below to be able to see what's next!
  2. I'm looking home for the object/object that is on the list on that day.
  3. Create a drawing in which the object is processed, surprise us and yourself! Make it as simple or as extensive as you want, as long as the OBJECT itself remains visible as part of the drawing!
  4. Take a picture of your drawing with the object and share it in a post with at least the hashtack: #objectoons
  5. Put a link to this challenge - blog
  6. Add your post to “Publish” in the #objectoons to participate in the pool and the boosters!
  7. Take a look at each other's submissions and get inspired for the next days! Respond constructively and positively!
  8. Of course, you follow the rules as they apply within #Yoors