"Cut, he is also in the outside affectation, in the game." Hey, hey. Fang Xin hurriedly pushed away the big head, he did not remember that he knew such a YD person. (Sweat ~) Recently, Fang Xin and Big Head also spend less time together and more time apart. Now it is rare to get together and chat happily. But it's not the Yueqing Gang and the riffraff who talk the most. You don't know that those brats are getting worse and worse. Recently, they United to protest against what benefits they want me to increase. It is said that the sister of Shuige has a hand warmer in her hand in winter, and they also want it. Damn it, what kind of hand warmer do a group of big men want? What's more, someone asked me for a scarf. Niang of, mix together with water pavilion person again, I think they will become shemale sooner or later. The more the big head said, the more angry he became. Later, he actually covered his stomach and laughed, which made Fang Xin puzzled. The biggest bastard is the pig under the seat of Nobita. You know, it makes trouble for me without saying anything. Not long ago, Kuangzhan's wife did not know where to find a five-color striped elk. As a result, it looked starry and chased the elk all over the street,push back racking system, killing the chrysanthemum of the elk. Each time more ruthless, each time more accurate, the elk is also poor, basically every day to see a doctor. Xia Yingqiu comes to our gang every day to make a scene. Daxiong this boy you have to educate him well, even if you give up your seat to ride other people's chrysanthemum, but also in front of others what to sing: chrysanthemum, all over the ground hurt ah... At this point,mobile racking systems, the big head laughed again. Ha-ha You didn't see the green on Xia Yingqiu's face at that time. At first, we all knew that the deer was a female deer only after we saw the elk. It was entirely because when the elk came out, its body >. The object's eyes rested on the elk. 3。 This sow's resentment is really big, I'm afraid only you can control it. The big head looked at Fang Xin and laughed again: "Xin, do you think 01 will be obedient to you because he likes you? It's actually pretty good to accept it."? Think about it. Before he had finished speaking, his head was hit by a brick. Holding the brick in his hand, Fang Xin grinned and said, "Ah, I forgot. This hasn't been given to Xuan Mo yet." Then came the wail of the big head. A human tragedy. The biggest beneficiary of the extermination of the White Whale Gang was neither the Ten Families nor Fang Xin, but Monet. After that day, the number of calls to order game warehouses and game helmets suddenly increased, and the few remaining goods were snapped up. Haitian Company rushed to make a batch to meet the requirements of the order. In the past few days, players in the three realms have also found that many new people wearing novice clothes have suddenly appeared in various towns. These new people, wire mesh decking ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, men and women, old and young, have great strength as soon as they come in. The personnel of the top ten gangs have expanded again and again, and the already dense towns are more congested. Strangely enough, six of the ten gangs changed their masters, and the original gang leaders became elders one after another. Later, after inquiring, they learned that the six gangs were injected by realistic forces, and the elders took the power in the hands of the younger generation. A few boys were busy, but instead they made wedding clothes for others. However, Qingyun Gang, Shuige Gang, Bingfeng Gang and Hantian Gang are excluded from the change of ownership. Qingyun Gang, Shuige Gang and Bingfeng Gang are due to the fact that the person in charge has entered the Tao in China and no one dares to surpass him in the family. What's more, Feng Jin is the head of the family at this time. Hantian Gang is only a professional player, and naturally there is no family force to seize his power. It was just a small thing in the game, and it was soon scattered in the swaying wind. The sixth volume of love? Demon born Chapter 138 the ups and downs of spring. As soon as I got on the line, I saw the thunder looking at him with a smile. Fang Xin was surprised. How can thunder know where to hit the line? . A lap 。“ What are you doing here? What about the blood pool? Jing Lei pulled Fang Xinyi's hair and sniffed it in front of his nose. "It's done." "Done?" Fang Xin looked at his side and always felt that something was missing: "Where is Lan You?"? Why isn't he with you? "He's at the moment." In the Nebula Sect. Thunder did not seem to want him to ask any more, took his hand and said with a smile: "Walk with me, you have not been around for so many years.".
” Fang Xin turned his head sideways and thought, "Why does the dead wood laugh so much today? It's not a fever, is it?"? He reached out to explore the thunder's forehead, but was caught by the thunder's big hand, slowly stroked down along the outline of his face, to the corners of his mouth, the rising radian made him suddenly think of Xuan Mo, that is not only the evil smile of Xuan Mo? Fang Xin hurriedly withdrew his hand, his cheeks slightly red. "What for?"? Isn't spring coming and the peach blossoms in your heart are blooming? What kind of feeling? Outside the game is the middle of winter, but inside the game is fireworks in March, a scene of spring, the recovery of all things, peach branches are also full of pink flowers. Yes, peach blossoms are blooming. Would you like to have a look inside? Thunder pointed to his chest, his face was still smiling, but his eyes were extremely blazing, like a fire, to melt Fang Xin. Fang Xin did not dare to look at him and pretended to think about where he was going. Where to go. He always felt that today's thunder was a little different, a little less secure and a little more dangerous. Take your time and go wherever you go. Thunder took out a bag of popcorn and put his hand on his waist when Fang Xin opened his mouth to eat. Fang Xin was right. Today's thunder was a little more aggressive. He only blamed him for trusting the thunder too much and didn't notice it for a while. This thunder was not that thunder. The same thing was just a shell. Nebula Zongnei. Lan You was lying on the bed, his water-colored hair hanging down to the edge of the bed. His face was pale, and he was obviously badly injured. He coughed with a wry smile. "I must look ridiculous now." Xuan Mo frowned and did not speak, and brought out a bowl of medicine from the side to feed him. We'll take care of the next thing, and you can take good care of yourself. "How to deal with it?" "I don't know." It turned out that the king of the blood brake knew that he was doomed,asrs warehouse, and he had left a drop of the essence of his life in the blood brake door. The blood brake door was afraid that outsiders would know the existence of this drop of blood, so it secretly formed a part. A big blood pool was built in a secret place, and the drop of blood was kept in the blood pool. jracking.com

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