I asked Chatgpt to generate me an interesting article about writing.
This is what he produced.
In the future it will be really difficult to distinguish what is the fruit of human ingenuity from what derives from artificial intelligence.

"Writing is a wonderful tool that allows us to fix our ideas, thoughts and emotions for eternity. The ability to write is a unique gift that distinguishes us from other living beings and allows us to communicate precise and lasting with others.
Writing is also an art that takes time, patience and practice to master. As in any art, there is always room for creativity and experimentation, and writing is an opportunity to express yourself and your point of view on life.
Writing is also a way to connect people. Through written words, we can touch the hearts and minds of people around the world, convey ideas and inspire action.
Ultimately, writing is a power that we must appreciate and value. Whether writing a personal diary, a novel or a simple message, every written word is precious and has the ability to leave a lasting impression."

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