Returning to the Inter Core family, we come with the latest product on the list so that they finish choosing among all those they want and see that they are comfortable.

9. Intel Core i3-10100F

  • Number of CPU cores: 4

  • Number of wires: 8

  • Max Magnification Clock.: Up to 43GHz

  • Base clock: 36GHz

  • Default TDP/TDP: 65W

  • CPU Socket: FCLGA1200

Priced at $97, the Core i3-10100 is the entry level of the 10th generation Core desktop processor family. The chip is perfectly positioned to compete with AMD's Ryzen 3 3300X, which has been largely absent from sales channels since its launch months ago.

This Core i3-10100F is set to be the new favorite of gamers on a tight budget. It is a 14nm Comet Lake chip that incorporates four cores and eight threads with a base clock frequency of 36 GHz and a maximum clock frequency of 43 GHz. With a TDP (thermal power design) of 65W, this quad-core processor has relatively low cooling requirements, which is good news for those looking to build an economical computer.

As indicated by the “F” suffix in the model name, the Core i3-10100F lacks integrated graphics. However, the processor will not miss it, as it is aimed at gamers, who will probably pair the chip with a discrete gaming graphics card.


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