Chest pain when breathing in deep.

This is caused by different medical conditions that may be affected by the respiratory or cardiovascular system.

Chest pain when breathing occurs on both sides of the chest; this may be the left or right side. The pain is a sudden burning sensation felt when you breathe in and out. There are times that pain can be felt when sitting or lying down; this can be a bit dangerous since it mainly originates from the lungs. Chest pains should be alarming since they may suggest heart problems and other chronic issues that can be sought early.

Common causes of chest pain when breathing deep

1.    Pneumonia
Pneumonia is a problem caused by the inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs; this might be either one or both lungs. In children, pneumonia can be mild but a dangerous medical condition; this can be felt on either one or both lungs. The disease is caused by fluid and pus and fluid filling in the air sacs. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria living in the nose or mouth.

2.    Tuberculosis
This is a severe medical condition that affects the lungs; it can be spread from one person to another through sneezing and coughing. Some of the symptoms associated with tuberculosis include; night sweats, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite and chest pains. Most patients on tuberculosis medication take antibiotics to contain the condition.

3.    Lung cancer
Cancer can be regarded as body cells that start growing a particular part of the body out of nowhere. The symptoms associated with this condition are; coughing up blood, feeling tired and weight loss.

4.    Panic attack
This is a condition caused by fear or anxiety; it arises as a result of how the body reacts to the impact of these feelings. Symptoms to look out for with this condition are; a fast heartbeat rate, shortness of breath and dizziness. It is not advised of one to take pain relievers with this kind of condition; you need to breathe in and out in intervals and be calm.

Symptoms to look out for when experiencing pain when breathing deep

•    Chest pain that is resulted from a lot of pressure and tightness
•    Irregular heart rate
•    Pain in the upper part of the body leave alone the chest area
•    Pale lips, skin and fingernails
•    Burning sensation in the chest or abdomen
•    Shortness of breath

Diagnosis for chest pain when breathing deep

•    Chest imaging exams such as x-ray
•    Test for heart attack
•    Blood tests and oxygen levels tests
•    A visual exam of the lungs and chest cavity

There are several tests that you can be subjected to based on the type of symptoms you experience. The health expert always considers the treatment to relieve pain and permanently eliminate chest pains.

Chest pains when breathing deep can be a nuisance, and this is because the pain is usually sudden and with a burning sensation. By monitoring the symptoms, you should take critical medical tests to ascertain the exact problem you might be suffering from.