River teacher

Flow slowly in Divine motion of my own rhythm,
creating non-existent paths with a help of Spirit's wisdom.
"Treasure You seek, You already have!" - she said to me the first time.
"No need for the promise, a box filled with golden dream You'll find
by following the silver heart line"

Messages of hope left all over the river place,
dewy morning gently starts its healing process -
"Take a deep breath enjoying a euphoric hug of cold water!
Feeling alive in life's what's most important matter"
- She offers that day,
" Your smiled heart is a place You want to be,
You Are Child of Nature in every atom of Your being."

Watching its spontaneous being in the illusion of transiency - the same and a different simultaneously -
defying to time and space patiently.
"Root Yourself in the silence of a mind knowing You Are loved, Child.
Look with a heart now, how many blessings just on first glance you can count?"
-  there She goes again another evening -
"Brake free like spring brakes in spring flooding the fertile soil with the seed of love!"

Observer gratitude makes me feel warm inside while I send my love for the hidden sunshine.
"Do not be afraid of the thunderstorm, beauty contains a powerful sound source!" - She warned me gently.
"In a smell of air filled with an electrical charge, find a way to see changing potential!"
It's a zero ground of mind while first rain droops are coming from the sky.

Peace and abundance for humanity hidden, jet served on a tray.
Right before our eyes - plunder and spoil - our Earth's cry.
"You can do better, human, only if you dare to try.
Be unique as You Are while you follow your silver line
with faith in easiness and joyfulness of life."

#childofnature #nature

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