children's hotel castle bet

2016 for the Easter weekend I have been invited with my girls via the food bank a weekend at children's hotel burcht betde!!! because for a very long time we had not had it very wide and did not have the money to be able to leave after a difficult period with all kinds of bad circumstances we got this offer. The organisation ensures that children and their parents can avoid the daily routine and so on free of charge and they are taken care of without any worries!

They do everything they can to make the holiday there a big party for the kids. This started already on arrival that my ladies were allowed to transform themselves with all kinds of costumes into real knights and/or damsels, the parents could also participate in this. We stayed here together with 2 other families so all kids could loose together! Furthermore, the children could play freely and craft from a large closet full of toys and one evening a crazy craft witch was invited with which the children could craft together:)

The bedrooms were small but nicely decorated with a real royal bunk bed with stars lights in the ceilings! There was a large communal living room and kitchen where you could provide yourself with drinks. Furthermore, you were free to go through the castle which was largely decorated as a museum and you could admire all kinds of old knights and rooms!

In the moat around the castle, old lost treasures are still found today, which you can also admire in the castle

In the morning we got up with a rich breakfast and in the evening was delicious cooked for us by a fantastic cook! who also gave us a choice of what wanted to eat. So we have delicious homemade pizzas put by the kids and pancakes for the lovers. Had a fries day and an evening a luxurious 3-course dinner with salmon and other yammie yammie.

What was also very nice, was the wagon tour through the village bet and the meadows of bet where even a place was a; raised hill in the middle of the meadow where previously suspicious witches were burned.. or that really is so I don't know but nice creepy story for the kids in any case;)

It was a great short holiday where everyone enjoyed and could let go of everything!

And most importantly... the kids have been able to forget all their worries and have had a time of their life as a knight or damsel sleeping in a real castle!!!

a top organization and initiative.

thank you fortress bet and everyone who has made this happen for us and all other families:) you are fantastic!!!

for more information about children's hotel burcht betde visit their website