Christmas... a time of music and singing


Christmas is a time of many things. First and foremost, “family” is at the center of the event. The day before and Christmas Day itself, we see our children and their partners and offspring at a fun dinner. Of course, that is always a bonus and very nice and I think this applies to many families.

But for me personally, it's also a time where my hobby of 'singing' is at the pinnacle. With our choir 'Cantando' from Wingene West-Flanders, we always give a concert with Christmas carols of various origins around Christmas Day. We have usually been working on this since the month of August/September. So we are in the “Christmas spirit” very early. So it's a real release of adrenaline on the day in question (December 23 this year) when we can test all our efforts with our audience. This year, after all the corona problems, we are really looking forward to it.

Below are a number of photos of the rehearsal and performance of such an event. Singing is a big part of my life and I'm completely immersed in it. Meanwhile, I'm already singing 'Ultreya' (Chamber Choir from Tielt) in a second choir from an adjoining municipality. Next year, I will join a third choir myself as a tenor at a major performance (about 100 singers from 3 choirs): Stabat Mater by Karl Jenkins. Singing makes you happy and free, I'm sure.

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