Christmas decorations

She's nine years old, and she's got the best ideas. They are not ideas that anyone else can work out: no!! When she comes up with something, she performs it all by herself.

50 Christmas balls (from the cycle - for 50 pieces we paid 1 euro)
A slats of discarded wood, about 1.5 meters
Drilling machine
4 Eyelets (two in the lath, two in the ceiling - with us in the beam)
Yarn, needle
Angelic patience.

First Alanis put a dash every three centimeters.
With the drill drilled a hole on all the dashes.
With a needle she stuck the yarn through the holes.
On the yarn she hung - at different heights - the Christmas balls.
Voilà, a very nice decoration for one euro!

#yoorsdecember #creatief #diy #kinderen #dochter
#creatievedochter #sfeervol #kerstballen #kerstversiering #kerst #opdeboerderij