Christmas holiday what can we do>

It is already almost the end of the year Sinterklaas is back in the country, Christmas and New Year also does not last long. But what are we going to do with those cold days? Well I already have a few things you can do inside!!

1. make a list of Christmas movies you still want to see, and then watch them with delicious hot chocolate.

2. Just sociable an evening with friends and family, and wrong Christmas music can not miss.

3. Go and cook, try some things for Christmas.

4. No planning for old and new go make this one, who knows this will be the most beautiful year change you have ever thought of.

5. Look back to the past year, what are you proud of, what was fun, possibly make a collage of this.

6. Yes, and when the New Year is about to come, let's just start with good intentions, who knows, the coming year will succeed!

7. Baking cookies or cake anyway... why not just both it's way too cold outside anyway.

8. Just a day of nothing, housesuit and blanket and just nice on the couch with nice things.

#kerstsfeer #koudbuiten