Christmas, moments that remain in our hearts

#christmas If you ask me what Christmas is for me: it is the most beautiful time of the year, even though in my country, we have had to spend these last few years in crisis and many people, friends and family members have left to seek a better way of life, I continue to maintain faith and trust in God, who one day soon will be like yesterday.

Christmas is full of joy, of hope, of brotherly love to share with friends, family and neighbors, eating hallacas, Christmas dish accompanied by leg, salad and ham bread, the tasty milky candy prepared by my mother, the Masses of Aguinaldo, the tree and the birth that we place singing carols, in short so many happy moments Let's never lose that joy of sharing with the family, to maintain love Which represents the birth of Christ.

May this Christmas, we be more empathetic, loving, and give all the good that is in our hearts. Merry Christmas my people from Yoors

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