Christmas Rudolf the reindeer crafting

Job description step-by-step


  • brown acrylic paint and flat brush
  • 1 styropor ball of 12cm and 1 small styropor ball, cut through half with sharp blade
  • empty glass vegetable jar with lid
  • 6 wooden lollipop sticks and2 woodsies/wooden moulds in drop shape
  • red pompon, rhinestone,2 beads and 2 bells
  • chenille thread for hairs and for collar
  • white frutthreads/bunch of woolly threads of e.g. an old scarf or mop
  • white paper for collar (not necessary)
  • glue gun,black permanent marker, hobby knife and scissors


  • Cut off a piece (4/5cm) of the ball with a knife, so that it gets 1 flat side and paint the ball. This is easier if you stick a long saty stick in the ball and spin it like a lollipop
  • Paint the glass jar on the outside. This is easier if you put one hand in the jar and turn the jar from the inside

  • Paint the side of the lid, paint the 6 lollipop sticks on both sides and also the woodsies on both sides
  • Fohn the ball well dry and stick the eyes and nose on the ball. Draw the mouth and pupils with marker on the eyeballs. Tip: Leave a speck in the pupil white
  • Cut grooves into the ball, a little glue into it and insert the ears (the painted woodsies) well into

  • Dry the sticks well before sticking them in an antler form. Cut grooves into the ball, a little glue in it and insert the antlers well
  • Punch short chenille threads as hairs on top of the ball
  • Glue the head with flat side on the lid. Do that with a glue gun, put a big blob on the lid and press firmly

Give Rudolf a scarf around his neck from a nice strip of fabric or chenille thread, with cute beads and bells.

Give him a white collar of paper and stick another rhinestone on it

Finally... in the jar you can still keep secret things, but sstttt... no one who knows!

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