Christmas tree crafts from paper plates

It's not new, everyone has done it or seen it. At school, at home or at the club. Still, I want to show you this fun Christmas craft here! It's a Christmas tree made of paper plates and a toilet roll, which can really stand.

Because it's so easy to make, it's fun for smaller kids to do. It stimulates children (but also the parents/caregivers) enormously, if you make something easy and it's great for you. And if the result is so fantastic, then you are super proud and you want more. More creativity, more crafts. And that's what we're going for!


Supplies: 4 paper plates, 1 toilet roll, cotton balls, green and brown paint, stapler and glue. Furthermore some nice decorations such as pieces of napkin, paper, ribbons, glitters and pompoms.

Cut 3 plates as shown in the photo

Stick them to each other like the picture. Allow to dry well before dying them green.

Paint the toilet roll brown and give the tree some brown sweeps (e.g. with sponge).

Give the toilet roll 10 snips around and stick it up. First, cover the bottom with cotton balls.

Finally, you don't attach the tree to the toilet roll at the front, take a piece of residual plate and do not attach it to the back of the tree, so that the trunk is stuck between it.

Thanks to my dear cousin Bianca and her daughter, for the clear pictures. Top!


Christmas trees against the wall

These Christmas trees are made by the twins of Linda, she is from Lifestyle Mommy's. Sticking against the door is also possible in this way! Stick them with glitter, chenille thread and asterisks.

kerstChristmas tree of signs sent by Gastouderopvang Plek Zat from Eindhoven. The little ones can also easily stick stickers!

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