Christmas tree making canned activity

Recently I came a super cute #Kerst idea against: Babble Dabble - Yes.Ana Dziengelconceived as a twist on a robot of tin, a diy decorate Christmas tree! This is a too nice idea, you can do so many fun things with it! Children can again and again use the #kerstboom decorate with magnetically made decoration! You can link that to learning the colors, learning to count, and finding colors together. In short, a nice sustainable solution to #hergebruiken and also a Christmas tree that you like every year #activiteit can use it.

The designer Ana has worked the cans with a paint can. That's not my thing, very polluting so I prefer to paint manually with my own Creall Paint. (Creall Pearl blue and yellow mixed) Ana glued the cans together. I chose not to do this. That building is fun for children to put on each other. Ana used adhesive magnetic material. I used magnets.

Attention to this activity is: Of course, a magnet does not belong in a body. So stick to an activity related to sticking in the mouth of this decoration!

What do you need:

- 3 cans from large to small (the smallest is from the tomato paste)

- Creall Pearl yellow and blue and then mixed

- Old sponge

- Magnets (hobby stuff Wibra 0.69 ct)

- 1 knot

- Pompons with a glitter decoration

- Rolled chenille wire

- Chenille wire plus knot for the “peak”

How are you?

1. Paint 3 cans with your own mixed green paint.

2. Build the layers in it, it does not cover at once, work first with a brush.

3. The paint dries quickly so a next layer can be continued quickly, now work with a sponge and pat the paint on it.

4. If the cans are well covered and dried you can make me the decoration

5. Grab a magnet and check which can is the magnetic side. This way you know where to put the glue on

6.Glue the pompons with a drop of glue

7. Roll some chenille wire on a magnet and glue it

8. Make a spike by folding a star from chenille wire

9. Paste a magnet with a knot

10. Immediately put the spike in a hole of the knot through which glue passes

11. Time to play and decorate!




Here are all used pompons and chenille wire. Of course you can also use other pompoms, but I found these extra festive!


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